There's Hidden

Information in your DATA


Data driven businesses know the value of keeping, analysing, and understanding what, why, and how customers react to their products or services. Extracting information from your data will give you a better understanding of your business. This leads to making more efficient and profit oriented decisions.

Business Analytics

Your business' cost, purchase, and income analysis goes a long way to keeping your business ahead of your competitors.Without which most decisions would be based mostly on vague estimates.

Strategic Planning

Analyzing your data gives you a good knowledge of the ups and downs in the business. The results of the analysis pivots your plans to lead you to your desired goals.

Performance Analysis

Detecting the pattern in the performance of your staff, students, or contractors is key to the growth of your business. It is what make your customers loyal to you.


RDAS SOFTTECH is an International Data Analysis and I.T solutions company with a drive to help small, medium and large companies harness the information hidden in their data. We help your management develop data-backed decissions while contributing to the growth of their business.

We at RDAS believe there is a reason for every action or decision and that reason is the data. That's why we always ask "What is the data saying?".


RDAS gives onpoint analysis
of the situation which exists in the data. My thoughts were changed regarding our sales. I wish you the best, well done!

Tola E.

Director of "Infoworks Consulting"

Thank you.Your analysis was apt and informative.
We usually made decision based on our judgements. I like your work ethics

Abioye William

Director at Qualtech Business Solutions Ltd

A very professional financial aanlysis company, Thanks for your good job and for the insights revealed to our organisation.

Abiola Idowu

Managing Director of Evergreen Dominion Ltd